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Zach Randolph Part of Another Investigation for Involvement in L.A. Assault

News about Zach Randolph's possible involvement in the Indianapolis drug trade has already broken, but it turns out that Zach might have to answer two charges in the upcoming months. is reporting that a man named Gary Ferguson told police officers that he was beaten by a member of Zach Randolph's "crew" outside of an L.A. strip club yesterday. The report says that Ferguson identified Z-Bo at the beating, but that Randolph did not personally attack him.

This is not the first time Ferguson has reported an assault by Zach and company, as Ferguson is currently suing Randolph for fighting him in a pizza parlor last year. The trial for this first fight is set for September.

Fortunately for Zach, watching a fight is not a crime, so his involvement in this case is most likely just as a witness. Unfortunately for Zach, I doubt this will reflect well when the court opens for Ferguson's civil case against the power forward.

Talk about a difficult day for Randolph and the Grizzlies franchise -- he hasn't had charges pressed against him in either investigation yet (in fact its not clear whether or not Randolph is being investigated at all for the drug trade story), but clearly is going to have image problems and distractions throughout this offseason.