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FedEx Forum Reviewed

The website, which is actually an incredibly helpful resource if you're traveling and are into hitting up the local sports scene, posted their review of Memphis's own FedEx Forum today.

Fortunately the reviewer must have missed the notorious pipe-burst game, because he gave an awfully favorable review to the Forum and the surrounding Beale Street area:

FedEx Forum is one of the newer arenas in the NBA, and it is a home run. There is a ridiculous array of entertainment to choose from, both before and (especially) after the game. The Grizz have put an exciting product on the floor, and the FEF staff is courteous and helpful. The game itself has enough energy and excitement to satisfy a basketball fan; the other attractions make a trip to Memphis for an NBA game an absolute must. Make it a three-day weekend and treat yourself to a pleasant surprise.

The stadium food got hated on a little bit, but they fell in love with the Memphis BBQ, which saved the food score. The atmosphere and fans both got knocked on, but, hey, tell us something we don't know.