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The Official "DJTurtleface Told You So" 2010 Draft Almanac


According to Wikipedia, the 1474 Draft Almanac looked like this...

What good is a pundit if there's nothing to judge them by? Just so everybody knows my official pre-draft position on just about every single player the Grizzlies could possibly grab, I'm listing them all with a one sentence wrap-up and a nice little stars for my personal favorite 5 (relative to their draft position). Let's take the consensus top 5 off the board and kick it off in order of's mock:

Ekpe Udoh: If you can't pronounce the name, try saying "Brandon Bass."

Greg Monroe: Ridiculously skilled, going to be a contributor -- but not a game-changer -- for a long time.

Al-Farouq Aminu: How many successful small forwards can't shoot?

Ed Davis: Two years to ten, ten, and two; you're happy with that impact.

Luke Babbitt: Consider my hat hung, has crazy game for a power forward prospect.***

Xavier Henry: Why draft Daequan Cook when you can have him with a pick upgrade for free?

Paul George: Not T-Mac, but maybe a tamed version; just a solid pick, though I don't see All-Star potential.***

Patrick Patterson: Completely underwhelming, but a safe bet, although 12 is high and 25 is low.

Cole Aldrich: Will struggle to get on the floor because I don't see him defending or rebounding in the Bigs.

Larry Sanders: Busted, but will bounce around the league for awhile because of the bounce in his shoes.

Gordon Hayward: Looked out of control often, but scouts claim he's got basketball IQ, who's right? Me.

Damion James: A horse in the mold of Nicholas Batum or Luc Richard Mbah a Moute -- a good thing.***

Avery Bradley: Nice defender, bad point guard, fits with a Brandon Roy or Dwyane Wade.

Eric Bledsoe: Don't trust him at 12, and he won't fall to 25. Moving on.

So that pretty much covers anyone we'd consider at 12, right? A few more players that could be around for 25 and 28 are over the jump.

James Anderson: Will be a major sleeper, and could be a top 3 player on a good team during his career.***

Solomon Alabi: Make your mistakes big, but don't make big mistakes just to do it.

Kevin Seraphin: Beware big Europeans. I thought we knew that by now.

Hassan Whiteside: Too confident, but could become a starting center. Last year that was worth a #2 pick.

Dominique Jones: Could put up big numbers in big losses. That's what I call upside.

Elliot Williams: Call me when he either stops shooting or starts making shots -- good value though.

Tibor Pleiss: Stash him in Europe, never see him again; at least it was free.

Jordan Crawford: See Dominique Jones, though I like Crawford better.

Greivis Vasquez: Did we see something in Marko Jaric? Seriously though, he's going to be a great backup.

Quincy Pondexter: Reminds me of Mickael Pietrus, which is a good thing.***

Daniel Orton: If I want a real player in 4 years, I'll draft or sign them 4 years from now.

That ends the first round, but here's an non-exhaustive list of all the 2nd rounders I like too: Terrico White, Trevor Booker, Craig Brackins, Armon Johnson, and Willie Warren

And the 2nd rounders who I don't like, especially as reaches at 28th: Lance Stephenson, Devin Ebanks, Stanley Robinson, Gani Jawal.