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Memphis Grizzlies Draft Xavier Henry of Kansas With 12th Pick

With the 12th pick in the 2010 NBA Draft, the Memphis Grizzlies selected Xavier Henry.

Both Ed Davis and Luke Babbitt were on the board. I felt that the Grizz would take Davis if he fell, since Zach Randolph is entering free agency next season, but I also thought that Luke Babbitt was among the best wings in the draft.

Xavier Henry was ultimately the choice, though. He is primarily a spot-up shooter and can finish, but struggles to create his own shot. Many predicted Xavier to fall between 8th and 12th, so his selection is a fair value. X is certainly going to be ready to contribute right away and could have space to grow, but its difficult to project him fitting in well with the Grizzlies isolation-heavy offense.

After scouting Xavier Henry earlier in the year, this is what I wrote:

Its clear that even his best plays typically are not made off exceptionally explosive moves. He uses his weight well to pressure his defender and create space on the drive, but rarely shakes them with dribble-drive moves. His ball handling and repertoire of moves would certainly be below average for a full-time NBA shooting guard [...]

The shooting is as good as advertised, with a high release point and a near-perfect stroke. Henry is almost always square to the basket when he catches and shoots -- even for fadeaways and turnarounds -- but gets sloppy off the dribble at times. His form is generally excellent off jab steps and dribble step-backs, though on leaners and off crossovers he doesn't show the same consistency.