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Memphis Grizzlies Pick Dominique Jones 25th in 2010 NBA Draft

*** Update *** The draft rights to Dominique Jones were sold to the Dallas Mavericks ***

With the 25th pick in the draft, which does not appear to have been traded, the Memphis Grizzlies picked Dominique Jones from the University of South Florida.

The board was growing sparse at this point, with fewer and fewer truly impressive prospects on the board. Jones is a pure scorer, who really attacks the paint despite lacking elite ball handling or an excellent jumper. He is not an elite athlete, but has a great motor and plays hard on both ends.

The backcourt rotation looks increasingly muddy right now, with O.J. Mayo, Ronnie Brewer, Xavier Henry, Sam Young, and Dominique Jones around. Of course both X and Jones are still unproven, but both were definitely supposed to be drafted for their immediate impact over their future potential.