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Vegas Summer League: Grizzlies vs. Spurs Recap

Can I recap an entire game in a sentence? There was nothing positive to take from this loss.

Or how about this one? This was one of the most ugly games of basketball I've ever seen in my life.

The Grizzlies lost to the Spurs 78-64 in their final game in Vegas. The Spurs got out to a 15-0 lead, and proceeded to pile on the points to end the first quarter 29-12. From there out the two teams effectively played each other even, but it didn't save this one.

San Antonio pressed almost the entire game, and the Grizz couldn't find an answer. As such, it was just an ugly affair. I'm having a hard time writing anything at all because the very un-NBA-like press made it tough to get a good read. Also Memphis looked tired and down, with some players bordering on disinterest -- that's you Sam Young.

  • It would be stupid to comment on Sam Young the player when Sam Young the attitude or training was clearly the issue. Young left Gary Neal wide open to splash multiple three's in the first few minutes. You can't knock his defense, just his effort.
  • Sam was 1-6, with just 4 boards, 1 steal, 1 foul, and 1 turnover in his 17 minutes. Either he didn't like the coaches telling him to try getting out of his isolation mindset or he just didn't feel like he needed to show anything more after averaging 23.5 points in the first 3 games.
  • Hasheem Thabeet and Greivis Vasquez also looked terrible in this game. 
  • Vasquez was making an effort, but simply wasn't a good enough ball-handler to break the press. His 3 assists is a number depressed by some very bad misses, but the 7 turnovers were real.
  • Thabeet seemed almost completely inactive. He was almost always at the top of the key, which obviously isn't his forte. Last game I praised Damon Stoudamire for trusting and using Thabeet the right way. Today Thabeet was either too tired or not skilled enough to handle an even more difficult gameplan.
  • DeMarre Carroll had his best game of the summer league, but that's not saying much. He still doesn't look like an NBA player, but will hopefully start improving once he's got a role to fill, even if that's just a high-energy practice player.
  • Jeff Adrien had some good blocks, but scored 0 points on just 2 shots with 2 turnovers. Nobody seemed to be looking for the big guy, and he didn't play much in the second half.
  • Sam Young was benched for most of the end of the game as well. Sounds like somebody is going to be getting a major talking to from Lionel Hollins after the game.
  • Greivis Vasquez is probably more of a shooting guard with great vision and passing than an actual point guard. Until his handles are much improved, he'll struggle to truly run the offense. He's not really a combo guard either, though.
  • So what is he? For now, probably something of a gadget player that works in some lineups and fails miserably in others. He looked good paired with O.J. on the court, and would be a pretty dynamic foil next to a great finisher like Rudy Gay.
  • Darrell Arthur and Hamed Haddadi attended but didn't play. I think this team, especially Sam and Hasheem, missed Arthur spacing the floor and passing fairly well for a big guy.