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LeBrantics: Your LeBron James Open Thread

It seems like its been both forever and really not that long at all since I wrote this, my first ever proper story on Straight Outta Vancouver.

Yes, Big Bang Theory was as much an introduction to me as a confession. I am a transplant fan, as you should all know. My heart lies in Michigan, I live in Ohio near Cleveland, and school is in Pennsylvania.

So, when I was waffling between making this just a FanShot, or FanPost, or even a GameThread -- this free agency truly does feel like we're being played -- I settled for a Story, albeit a short one. Why? I'll ask back, why don't we take a trip down memory lane?

You see I'm from the Cleveland area and am fortunate enough to witness one lucky draft pick turn a destitute, perennially losing franchise into the talk of the Association and championship contender. The only problem is it's not my team. The Memphis Grizzlies are my team.

Oh Cleveland, my transplant Detroit, I'm sorry, but tonight your savior is probably leaving. I've hated LeBron James since the start. I knew he would leave. That's why I can't root for Cleveland teams, they'll kill you every, single, time. Besides the Browns. I love my Browns. They'll never be good, but they'll probably always be better than the Lions. I guess the pain is dulled.

But it's still going to hurt for all of you, and, for some reason, it's kind of killing me too. If The Queen stays, I'm going to hate him and the bandwagon fans more than ever. If he leaves, well, I think I'm almost sorry I never had faith in the first place.