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Rudy Gay, It's Your Birthday

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The news cycle is not slow today, in fact it's stuffed with things to report. Why? Because today is Rudy Gay's birthday.

Everyone should know by now, even though I do hide my biases a little, that Rudy Gay is my absolute favorite player in the NBA, which means his birthday is worth celebrating with aforementioned facts over the jump.

Newsflash #1: Rudy Gay dunks a basketball through the hoop exceptionally well for a strapping lad of 24, especially when his talents are in South Beach.

Newsflash #2: Rudy Gay is totally cool and should be your favorite player too, unless your favorite player is Marc Gasol, in which case you are excused. Otherwise, we're paying him a hell of a lot of money for you not to over-appreciate his talents.

Newsflash #3: Clank! Boy don't you wish we still had Kyle Lowry? So do I, so does Rudy, let's get that boy a present right now and bring Kyle back.

And I suppose we can end it all with my personal favorite Rudy Gay mixtape that I could find in about 5 minutes of YouTube. Show me your favorites and leave Rudy a "Happy Birthday" in the comments.