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Michael Heisley Blows Up on Local Radio Host Chris Vernon

Grizzlies fans already have lots of reasons to hate their owner, as most do, so it's not like Michael Heisley needed to give them another.

And yet Heisley did just that this afternoon during an interview on the Chris Vernon Show, oftentimes yelling into the phone, accusing Chris Vernon of fabricating information, holding a tirade against the media in general, and just being as generally unlikeable as humanly possible.

If you didn't catch his rant live on the radio, you can find it on the website of 730 Fox Sports

I'd pull out some quotes, but I don't want to deter anyone from listening to the whole thing themselves.

Topics covered include signing Xavier Henry, power sharing in the organization, the decision to draft Hasheem Thabeet, why Michael Heisley has taken over the front office, Hakim Warrick and Allen Iverson, and media sentiments on his reign of terror.