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Grizzlies Fan Confidence Poll

Times are always a'changing here at Straight Outta Vancouver and SB Nation, and so today I've got a cute new feature of the site to announce.

This little bugger is called the 'Fan Confidence Poll.' Basically, as the name suggests, its meant to measure how you guys, the fans, are feeling about the Memphis Grizzlies over time.

For example, had people been voting after we let Ronnie Brewer walk for no reason, it would have dipped. When we signed Rudy Gay and Tony Allen, it should bump back up. After the Heisley-Chris Vernon interview, it might have bottomed out to zero. Once Xavier Henry is signed hopefully we'll be back to average.

Anyhow, vote your hearts out, because I think this is a really cool and useful feature, and it should help me structure my coverage a little bit.