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Xavier Henry and Greivis Vasquez Finally Sign

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Grizzlies fans can finally relax, all is now well just in time for the beginning of training camp on Tuesday. The Grizz's two missing pieces, rookie first-rounders Xavier Henry and Greivis Vasquez, are finally signed.

In case you're wondering what the price was, well, turns out there was much ado over nothing:

Heisley originally insisted that Henry and Vasquez accept 100 percent of the rookie salary scale with an added 20 percent tied to performance bonuses. Both players, via their agents, rejected those terms. Their argument was based on history that showed first-round draft picks generally received 120 percent of the league's rookie salary scale without performance incentives.

Heisley eventually relented, saying that he was on the wrong side of the issue.

Via the same Commercial Appeal article we also hear Xavier Henry comment that he was fully prepared to sit out the entirety of the season until he received his full 120%. That's a bargaining chip that's almost impossible to beat, which is probably why Heisley capitulated.

With this embarrassing impasse out of the way, and Heisley on the losing side, lets just hope that the front office acts a little more reasonably in the future. After a year of good behavior who knows, maybe this year players will even show up for their workouts?