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Grizzlies Add Training Camp Help

In anticipation for today's training camp, GM Chris Wallace announced yesterday that there'd be some new bodies on the floor. None of them are particularly good, which is obvious at this point in the free agent game, but at least it'll be a little easier to run drills.

The new guys are: Luke Jackson, Tre Kelley, Kenny Thomas, and Damien Wilkins.

Jackson was a standout at the University of Oregon and first round pick for the Cavalier's the year after LeBron James was drafted, but has been generally ineffective in the NBA. Last year he played in Italy, and the year before that he was an all-star for the D-League's Idaho Stampede.

Tre Kelley is a point guard from the University of South Carolina. He has bounced around Europe since going undrafted in 2007.

Kenny Thomas is the old man of the group. He's a 33 year old, undersized power forward. At times in his career Thomas was very tough and useful, but today he's largely limited to fundamental defense and a mid-range jumper.

Damien Wilkins is another recognizable name; he even started about a third of the season for the T-Wolves last year. Still, he's a 30 year old swingman who's lost much of his explosiveness and athleticism. Like Thomas, Wilkins could make the team, but isn't likely to see much time on the floor.