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Report: Grizzlies Involved In Melo Trade Talks (Update)

Update: Broussard tweeted earlier today that the Nuggets have "no interest" in Mayo. Though I can't quite understand why a team that desperately needs young pieces with upside to replace Carmelo in any blockboster deal would pass on Mayo, it looks like another team has decided to pass on the former USC guard.

The Memphis Grizzlies seem to be the latest team that has thrown themselves into the Carmelo Anthony trade talks, according to ESPN's Chris Broussard. Though the Grizzlies are not in play for Melo himself, O.J. Mayo has been a hot topic of late and the New York Knicks are trying to use him to entice Denver into making a deal with them instead of the New Jersey Nets.

Mayo would be going to the Nuggets in this proposed deal, which would be pretty bad for O.J., seeing as it has taken the Grizzlies three years to complete their rebuilding project and a trade to Denver would only be a step back. Broussard did not mention what the Grizzlies would be getting in return for Mayo but one would have to believe any return for O.J. will not bring back near as much talent as O.J. due to his recent antics and poor start.

At this point, anything involving Carmelo is a "won't believe it until he is playing for another team" ordeal, so this report does not mean a deal is coming within the next few days. That being said, its good to hear that the Grizzlies are actively invovled in trade talks this year and hopefully they can come up with the best deal possible for Mayo, who still maintains some solid basketball skills and quite a bit of upside for such a young player.