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Celebrating #NBAFanVoice Day!

Note: This post originally ran last week, but we want to embrace the #NBAFanVoice Day and have you guys continue to sound-off on the NBA lockout. Please continue to comment and post throughout the day. We will bump any and all relevant FanPosts or FanShots to the front page. We want to hear your voice!

So, it's official. The NBA has now gone and cancelled the first two weeks of the NBA season, and it's likely we'll see the cancellations extend into the next calendar year (morning after anger/speculation, not truth).

We know the base details: It's millionaires vs. billionaires, fighting to "save" the game we love! Yes, the players and the owners all have a voice in this debate, as they hash through the details trying to figure out where the hundreds of millions of dollars worth of team revenue is split. They're fighting over the chance for a sub-par veteran to receive $5 million-plus over a 5-year contract, by way of the mid-level exception. Money. Millions. Billions. Fight. Fight. Fight.

The truth is, we can express our anger whilst lashing out at the television or by posting angry remarks in the comments section of our favorite NBA team blogs (SoV!). But the space doesn't seem adequate enough to us here at Straight Outta Vancouver. We wanted to create some front page content, not just some comment section space, for Grizzlies fans to sound off on the NBA lockout. This isn't just about "our" voice, it's about the voice of the fans.

The NBA is locked out. It sucks. Or does it? We know how we feel, but we want to hear from you! Feel free to post some FanPosts or even FanShots, sounding off on the lockout. Let us know what you think -- are you a diehard fan turned bitter? Are you no longer an NBA fan? Are you on the side of the players?

When you sound off, feel free to drop us a line and we'll push it to the front page. We want to do this so that the NBA, or whoever, gets a chance to not only see our voice, but see the voice of the fan! We're not here to incite anger or lead our readers in one way or another, we just want to provide a fair platform for all.

Sound off!