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Now This: Grizzlies at 25/1 Odds to Win the 2012 NBA Finals, According to BoDog

This is always fun. I know the odds really mean nothing, especially considering that some dude has a chance to win $10,000 on a $10 (1,000/1) bet if the Indianapolis Colts go 0-16, but I figured I'd at least run these buy you guys. 

With so many factors still yet to be determined--like, will the Grizzlies definitely have Marc Gasol under contract come December 25--it's never easy to peg actual odds on winning the NBA title when we still don't have an open training camp. With that said, I think the 25/1 odds are pretty fair, assuming, of course, Gasol does get inked as we expect him to. 

Considering we have the same odds as the San Antonio Spurs, who last season were the No. 1 seed in the West, I think we were given a fair representation. Take a look at the rest of the odds and my general thoughts, after the jump. Plus, help me figure out the Grizzlies-Blazers situation. It's making me feel like an idiot. 

BoDog Sports:

Odds to win 2012 NBA Championship 

Miami Heat                                9/4

Los Angeles Lakers                   5/1

Chicago Bulls                            7/1

Oklahoma City Thunder              15/2

Dallas Mavericks                        17/2

Boston Celtics                           12/1

New York Knicks                       20/1

Orlando Magic                           22/1

Memphis Grizzlies                     25/1

San Antonio Spurs                     25/1

Portland Trailblazers                   30/1

Atlanta Hawks                           50/1

Los Angeles Clippers                 50/1

Denver Nuggets                         75/1

Houston Rockets                       75/1

New Jersey Nets                        75/1

Phoenix Suns                            75/1

Utah Jazz                                  75/1

Indiana Pacers                           100/1

Milwaukee Bucks                       100/1

New Orleans Hornets                 100/1

Philadelphia 76ers                      100/1

Detroit Pistons                           125/1

Golden State Warriors                125/1

Charlotte Bobcats                      150/1

Cleveland Cavaliers                    150/1

Minnesota Timberwolves             150/1

Sacramento Kings                     150/1

Washington Wizards                  150/1

Toronto Raptors                         200/1 

Seems pretty fair, I guess. Again, there are a lot of factors yet to be determined, but I think lumping the Grizzlies alongside the Spurs and Orlando Magic suits us pretty well. Though, having the Knicks ahead of us? Really?

Clearly, the Lakers, Thunder and Mavericks all deserve to be ahead of us. Beat the best to be the best, right? The Mavs, though, have a lot of moves to make before they are locked in and secure among the top 2-3 teams in the West. The Thunder we expect to be there, of course, and the Lakers you have to put there. But, we're not too far behind. 

To be honest, it seems to be a fair assessment. I have no real beef. I mean, we did come one game away from making the Western Conference Finals last year, so we certainly deserve to be in the conversation. But we're also still considered a "Cinderella" team, which suits us well.  

Speaking of winning the West...


Odds to win 2012 NBA Western Conference Championship

Los Angeles Lakers                   2/1

Oklahoma City Thunder              13/4

Dallas Mavericks                        4/1

Portland Trailblazers                   10/1

San Antonio Spurs                     10/1

Memphis Grizzlies                     15/1

Los Angeles Clippers                 20/1

Denver Nuggets                         25/1

Houston Rockets                       25/1

New Orleans Hornets                 30/1

Phoenix Suns                            30/1

Utah Jazz                                  35/1

Golden State Warriors                40/1

Minnesota Timberwolves             60/1

Sacramento Kings                     60/1


So what you're saying is, we have a better shot than the Portland Trail Blazers at winning the NBA Championship and a just-as-good of a shot as the Spurs, but we have less of a shot at winning the Western Conference Finals. Right? I'm not all that smart, and I don't bet much on sports, but can someone please help me out here?

Again, I have no beef with us being behind the Thunder, Lakers and Mavericks, but I do think we should at least be at 10/1 odds here. Right? I'm just not sure what changes? Are they saying that we have a better chance of being the Heat (should we play them in the NBA Finals) than the Blazers, but we don't have as good of a chance at getting there?

Um. OK. 

What do you guys think about the odds? Are you taking 25/1?