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SOV Roundtable: Should the Memphis Grizzlies Trade O.J. Mayo?

Over the next couple of weeks the writers of Straight Outta Vancouver will be answering questions and making predictions about the Grizzlies' 2011-2012 season. If you have a question , please email one of us, or leave it in the comments section. Today's roundtable discussion: Should the Grizzlies trade O.J. Mayo?

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Marcus Privitt: No doubt OJ will be out of Memphis come the trade deadline.  OJ has been nothing but trouble for the Grizz on and off the court - he produces when he doesn't need to produce, and doesn't perform when Lionel expects him to perform.  When he's benched, he complains - not exactly building unity and belief in the strength of the team. OJ, furthermore, would be a huge addition for any team out there, especially those in need of a SG.  He will not be hard to shop.  The next season will bring a positive performance from Xavier Henry in the starting lineup, and saying no to Mayo will be that much easier.  Expect big things from number 13 this season as he sees more minutes on the court.  

Prediction:  OJ Mayo will be traded to the Chicago Bulls sooner rather than later.

Scott Beattie: Someone else believes in Xavier! I thought that I was alone on that one. As for OJ, I definitely agree with you that we ought to trade him. After the playoffs, I seriously thought OJ could reinvent himself as a Jason Terry-type 6th man. Then I did some perusing on Basketball Reference, and yeah...I'm not quite so sure about that anymore. Other than his rookie season, Terry's numbers were considerably better than OJ's, despite spending his first 5 seasons playing for crappy Hawks teams. Quite frankly, other than his 3 pt. shooting, OJ doesn't really add much to this Grizzlies team (and Xavier can potentially replace that). He's a nice piece, but the Grizzlies have too much depth at the wing. Personally, I'd like to see him traded for a draft pick and possibly a big man.

Prediction: I know it's not interesting when we all agree, but I think OJ will be traded at the beginning of the season to the Bulls.

Griffin Gotta: It's true that O.J. Mayo didn't seem to quite fit the formula of success that was generated in Memphis last season. His play, and his minutes, were spotty and left little in the form of memorable impacts on the floor. That said, what's the rush? Why should the Grizzlies, whenever this godforsaken season starts, instantly drop Mayo's name on the trading block? There would probably be suitors anyway, sure, but if his effectiveness remains in question, the deal Memphis wants could still be out of reach anyway. The other thing is that while Rudy Gay will be back in full force, the shooting guard position would rely heavily on potential-laden rookie Xavier Henry without Mayo in the fold. This could turn out being the best situation possible. For now, we don't know, and as we saw last year, injuries can throw a wrench into a team's nightly rotation quickly. 

The Grizzlies need a scoring threat on the wing to leave Zach Randolph and Marc Gasol room to operate inside and the rest of the team space to slash. Gay is that guy, Henry looks promising for that role, but for me, it's tough to count out a talent like Mayo for a position we may need additional support. Whether it be to simply increase his trade value or for Memphis to see if a corner of consistency can be turned, Mayo needs to begin the season playing with the Grizzlies. From there we can see what happens, and what the next step should be.



Tom Lorenzo: There are three things all Grizzlies fans have wondered this off-season, aside from whether or not the league will start anytime soon. First, will they be able to re-sign Marc Gasol. Second, are Rudy Gay's days in Memphis numbered? Third, what will they do with O.J. Mayo? 

I took some time to tackle question two about a week-plus ago. I think Gay stays. The Gasol question, well, I imagine we'll get there soon. As for Mayo, there are plenty of folks who think the best course of action is to cut our so-called losses and move Mayo for whatever assets we can get in return, albeit far less appealing that originally thought. 

My take on May is that the team should let him play it out. It's hard to speculate on what "other" moves we might make in the off-season, since we're still seemingly a ways away from the free agency period getting kicked off. I would like to see Mayo play out his contract with the Grizzlies. Not because I'm nostalgic or because I'm sure he's going to "take off" any day now, but because I think we need him. We need a perimeter shooter, someone who can help spread the floor and get out in the open court. I know Mayo's not the best among said talents, but he is the best we have... right now. Unless there's a move on top of any Mayo move, I just don't think we need to deal him. On the open market right now, you're not going to get much back for Mayo. Not a more valuable piece. That just doesn't seem like a possibility. Not in this NBA climate. To wrap, let Mayo stay!