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Resetting the Grizzlies' Roster

So, this is free agency on a caffeine binge. As players are frantically moving across the country, I constantly am finding myself feeling like a step or two behind. After yesterday, with the Memphis Grizzlies' apparently, for now, pulling twice-almost-Indiana Pacer O.J. Mayo off the trading block, things may be settling down here.

As the league-wide focus continues to be on the smoldering train wreck that is David Stern, Owner and Chris Paul, Trade Prospect, the Grizzlies, having crossed the one major item -- resigning team anchor Marc Gasol -- off their free agency list, can step away from the fracas of the shortened everything and get some basketball in. The regular season starts in, oh, 12 days, after all.

That being said, now's a good time to remind ourselves of the current roster the Grizz will be practicing with. Before something changes again.


Tony Allen

Mike Conley

Xavier Henry

O.J. Mayo

Jeremy Pargo

Josh Selby

Ishmael Smith

Greivis Vasquez


Darrell Arthur

Josh Davis

Rudy Gay

Zach Randolph

Walter Sharpe

Brian Skinner

Sam Young

Leon Powe


Marc Gasol

Mikki Moore

Hamed Haddadi

Really, the only notable exception is the newest Heatle, Shane Battier. Otherwise, the Grizzlies will return with last season's team intact. Continuity just feels like it will play a much bigger role in this crazy sped-up lockout season, and seeing Gasol, Gay and Mayo still on the roster makes me feel good about the front office's vision for the team as well as the execution of the franchise's goals this offseason to this point.

From here until December 26th, the name of the game should be avoiding further injuries and rounding into shape the best a team can in less than two weeks. With the major issues and questions seemingly (seemingly is key; who the hell knows what could happen with all this turnover?) out of the way for the Grizzlies, all that's left now is for this season's opening tip to get here already.

Also, who knew Mikki Moore was still giving it a go?