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Well, that's kind of a bummer

Grizzlies 80, Hornets 95

I'm not panicking yet guys, because this is a meaningless preseason game, but it's a bit disconcerting to see the Grizzlies drop two preseason games to the Hornets, especially this one where we lost by 15. Further, the loss came with both Zach and Rudy playing more than 30 minutes, whereas the Hornets' best players, Eric Gordon and Chris Kaman, both played under 30 minutes.

There's not much positive to take away from this other than the performances of Rudy Gay and new-addition Jeremy Pargo. In both preseason games, Rudy has looked really good, dismissing any concerns about lingering effects of his shoulder injury. Pargo has been a nice little player for us, and it's entirely possible that he could split back-up guard duties with Grevis. Oh, and Brian Skinner was +1 in 13 minutes despite only grabbing one rebound, scoring no points, and fouling 3 times. Keep it up Brian!

Seriously though, as I mentioned in the game thread, I don't care about these games as long as the Grizzlies get their shit figured out in time for the regular season. Now that the Grizzlies' preseason is over, we'll see where we're at.

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