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GameThread: Grizzlies vs Nuggets

The Memphis Grizzlies will be the first team to take on the Denver Nuggets in the post-Carmelo Anthony era, which is definitely something we will remember 10 years from now. Kidding aside, I am on record for saying that the Denver Nuggets are a more complete basketball team thanks to the Carmelo deal and that they end up winning the trade with the Knicks by far.

This game is also the first game of an era for the Grizzlies as they attempt to keep up in the Western Conference playoff picture while their star forward Rudy Gay is out with a shoulder injury. How Memphis handles this stretch of games without Gay will say a lot about the team and will ultimately dictate if they are a playoff caliber team or not.

This should be a fun game but it is also a very winnable one. The Nuggets could come out disinterested after losing their superstar or they could come out relieved that the sage is over and motivated to play. The Grizzlies have to prepare for the worse and hit Denver in the mouth right away. That will be harder to do without Gay but Zach Randolph is healthy and taking advantage of him in the post will be the key for Memphis tonight.

The Grizzlies had one of their best games of the season the last time they played the Nuggets and even though both teams will be adjusting to their new rosters, expect another great battle tonight.