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The Grizzlies Need to Make This Kings Game A Big Deal, So It Won't Be.

As we discussed recently, the Memphis Grizzlies have a big couple of weeks coming up. But before all that madness gets going, however, the Sacramento Kings come to town in a game that, if not handled correctly, could only make matters more difficult.

For Sacramento Kings coverage, you know where to go: Sactown Royalty.

And remember, the Grizzlies owe Sacramento a little comeuppance for this night in December:

Yeah. Back then, when the Grizzlies were scuffling under .500, it certainly wasn't acceptable, but it did at least feel reasonable for them to let a team with five wins coming into that night hang around 'til the end. And sure, shots like that don't often drop in, but hey, sometimes you're kinda asking for it.

Well, in the grand scheme of the season, it remains too early to tell if Tyreke Evans' heave will turn into a lasting scar for the Grizz, but another loss to the Kings (this time playing without Evans), this time at home, this time with the heat of the playoffs under their feet, Memphis definitely would be wise in wanting to avoid.

The week will only get tougher, and honestly, a win over the Kings likely won't make anyone rest much easier going into it. It's small potatoes that need attending to before the main course. But the Grizzlies, obivously, are in no position to treat it this way. They need to give the Kings their full attention, or better yet, call down to Orlando for a proper warning. A win sets up the important week ahead nicely. It says, "Okay, that's taken care of, on to the big stuff." If a win could talk, naturally.

A win will come if this game's taken seriously, if the Grizzlies come out to dominate and if they aren't allowing the Kings to be anywhere near an upset as the game hits its final act. The Grizzlies are a better team than the one that left Sacramento stunned in late December.

But hey, this is the NBA, after all. If you leave the outcome up to the fates, you're kinda asking for it, whatever that may be.