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'Laugh, It Hides the Tears': Miami Heat 118, Memphis Grizzlies 85

Saturday's game against the Heat was an absolute disaster. There was nothing pretty or even acceptable about it. It was the kind of game that you wanted to turn off in the 3rd quarter, and really should have. I mean, the Grizzlies didn't even have an acceptable run in them.

In case you missed it, here's a brief recap of Sunday's blowout loss to the Miami Heat: the offense sucked, the defense sucked.

Early, the Grizzlies couldn't hit a jumper or even finish at the bucket. With about 5 minutes left in the first half, Zach Randolph, Mike Conley, Tony Allen and Sam Young were a combined 4-19 from the floor. Later, the song remained the same.

Mike Conley: 1-of-11 from the floor.

Sam Young: 1-of-7 from the floor.

Tony Allen: 2-of-7 from the floor.

Darrell Arthur: 2-of-7 from the floor.

In the end, the team shot 39.3% from the floor and hit just 1-of-10 threes. Couple that with NO intensity on the defensive side of the ball, and naturally you were looking at a blowout loss. The Heat dropped 118 points on 58% shooting from the floor, 12-of-19 from beyond the arc and 26-of-30 from the line.

Really, I liked nothing about this game. NOTHING.

Marc Gasol played "well" but he tailed off, hitting just one field goal in the second half. O.J. Mayo finished the night with a team-high 19 points in 25 minutes off the bench. He played well at times, making LeBron James work on the defensive side of the ball. I could, however, point to a few plays on either side of the ball that I didn't like from Mayo, but when the rest of the team played like a pack of teenagers it would all seem like nitpicking.

Greivis Vasquez had a bit of a nice offensive showing, scoring 10 points in 8 minutes. Problem is, the minutes were meaningless. Would love to see GV get some run in a situation where our opponents weren't looking forward to playing an NBA team in their next contest. In all, it was a nice showing from Greivy. (Especially since he wasn't called upon to play any defense whatsoever.)

Leon Powe played 8 minutes. Here's to hoping we might see more of him as a defensive stopper in the future? Or at the very least here's to hoping he gets worked into the rotaion in some fashion. We could use his body.

Again, we had nothing positive to point to. It was UGLY. What gets my goat the most is that we're a team trying to earn some respect and recognition as a real contender. This isn't the way to earn that respect. We don't need to go out there and beat every title contender, but we need to at least run with the big boys and not look like the Washington Generals.

I think it's best that we keep this recap short and sweet. We have a game against the Clippers on Monday. Let's pretend Saturday never happened, no?

Are you having a laugh?