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In Defense of Tony Allen's "I'm a Celtic" Comment [VIDEO]

(Photo by Ronald Martinez/Getty Images)
(Photo by Ronald Martinez/Getty Images)
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By now we've all read the quotes, watched the video and likely seethed over Tony Allen's statement after last night's victory over the Celtics in which he declared he was a Celtic and, "unfortunately," only wearing a Grizzlies' jersey. 

We're fighting for a playoff spot, our second most important player over the past month has been Tony Allen, and now, we hear this. Upsetting, no? I, personally, am not upset and suggest that you try to look past this comment. Think of it this way: in a summer which we saw LeBron James, Chris Bosh, and Amar'e Stoudemire bail on their teams, and a trade deadline in which the likes of Deron Williams and Carmelo Anthony are now wearing unfamiliar jerseys, is there any reason for us to get on a guy for having an emotional tie to the team who drafted him -- a city and team he was invested in. What fault can we pin on Allen here?

Allen clearly wanted to remain with the Celtics and, well, Boston had other ideas. Memphis stepped in and offered Allen a 3-year contract, and he signed. Such is the business of basketball.

We're already talking about franchise players like Dwight Howard and Chris Paul changing zip codes -- be it less for money than for a "chance to win." Players changing teams is old hat in this day and age in the Association. For me, I think we should credit Allen for being emotional and having a reaction to his leaving the city of Boston. How many Paul Pierces or Reggie Millers are there out there? Do you think Nets' fans care that Deron Williams has mixed feelings about being in New Jersey as long as he continues to help them win? How often do players come and go? And how fondly do we want them to remember their time in Memphis? Think Hasheem Thabeet will be emotional in his return to Memphis? Does Pau Gasol even remember that he was a Grizzly?

I don't want to spend all day, especially after such a huge win on Wednesday night, talking about Allen's comment. I think we accept his feelings, and continue to root for the guy. After all, he has been so very important to our race toward the playoffs and will continue to be a force for us. Let's not let this comment ruin what we have.

What do you guys think?

(Video after the jump....)


Tip of the hat to PLuscombe for posting the video on the game recap thread.