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GameThread: Memphis Grizzlies at Chicago Bulls

(Photo by Jonathan Daniel/Getty Images)
(Photo by Jonathan Daniel/Getty Images)
Getty Images

This game doesn't seem so far out of reach, especially after we just beat the Boston Celtics on the road this past Wednesday, does it? Then again, no one is playing better basketball right now than Derrick Rose and the Bulls. Holding on to the 8th seed I want to say that we "need" this game, but if I told you on Tuesday that over the next three games (@BOS, @CHI and vs. SAS) we would take one of three, you'd probably sign up for that. With the Tim Duncan-less Spurs looking beatable when they visit us this weekend, we're set up to win 2 of 3.

Does this mean we don't need or want a win over the Bulls? Absolutely not! I want this win more than anyone could imagine. Beating the best means that you're in the conversation to be among the best. Road wins against the Celtics and Bulls will make for great weekend features in the media about how serious of a contender we are. We know we're a serious contender for a first-round upset, but a win over the Bulls will bring us another level.

(Note: I may not be able to join the thread tonight, but I will be rooting along in spirit.)

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