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Bear Swipes: A few links on the Memphis Grizzlies for 3/3. Plus a Leon Powe Poll!

Courtesy of the Memphis Grizzlies/NBA.

After the jump, just a couple of links as we wait for the Memphis Grizzlies to return to action tomorrow night. Also, the weekly playoff look/bear camp destruction update will return later today.

On the bright side, it's one less player to try and find time for.

Grizzlies Guard Xavier Henry Injury Update | My Fox Memphis | Fox 13 Sports
The Memphis Grizzlies announced today that rookie guard Xavier Henry will be sidelined for the next four weeks as he continues his rehabilitation for a right knee sprain. He will be re-evaluated after that time.

A look at Marc Gasol's ejection from Tuesday night.

Game 62 Notebook: Grizzlies 109, Spurs 93 | Beyond the Arc

"No Call" Marc Gasol lived up to the nickname I've given him, getting bumped hard by Tim Duncan on a lay-up attempt without drawing a whistle. Complaining about this no-call get Gasol a technical foul. In the second quarter, Gasol stepped out to try to block a George Hill, and got called for a foul, his animated reaction drawing a surprising second tech and an automatic ejection. Surrounding all of this was a Jason Williams tech in response to a no-call on a Darrell Arthur attempt, another no-call on Duncan, and a tick-tack offensive foul on Shane Battier. All of this put the home fans in a bad mood, and lead official Dick Bavetta and his crew were booed loudly exiting the floor at the end of the first half. The Grizzlies took a nine-point lead into the half, but were coming out without Marc Gasol and without a viable big to defend Tim Duncan. Darrell Arthur drew the assignment, and did as well as you could have hoped, but the big difference was that the Grizzlies were able to use quick, aggressive team defense to force turnovers (six in the third quarter), get out on the break, and push their lead into double-digits. Playing from behind, the Spurs went away from their potential post advantage, played smaller, and started forcing more three-points, with little effectiveness (4-16 in the second half) — the Grizzlies' quicker, non-Gasol lineups providing better floor coverage to defend against the three anyway.

On enjoying that Spurs' win, and trying to figure out what the hell Lionel Hollins was talking about with that quote.

Geoff Calkins: Memphis Grizzlies' victory worth enjoying for a bit " The Commercial Appeal
"We were blowing and going," said Hollins. "The effort was just unbelievable."

Powe appears to be interested in joining the Grizzlies front-line.

Forward Leon Powe pays visit to Grizzlies " The Commercial Appeal
Free-agent Leon Powe visited Memphis on Wednesday in a move that could put him closer to signing with the Grizzlies for the rest of the season.