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GameThread: New Orleans Hornets at Memphis Grizzlies

Now it's all about playoff positioning. With the Grizzlies one game behind the Hornets with three to play, it's possible that they can not only leap into the 7th spot but there's a chance they can also find their way into the 6th seed. We needn't get ahead of ourselves, but it's worth following the chess game for the final three spots. San Antonio is still locked into the top spot in the West. The Lakers are currently 2nd, but the Mavs are just one game behind them. Ideally, the Grizzlies probably want to avoid the Lakers in the first round, but that's not to say they should play as if they don't want to jump into the 7th spot. You never play to lose.

But, before we get ahead of ourselves we have a beatable Hornets team to take care of at home. Just because the Grizz clinched doesn't mean their job is done.