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Grizzlies Host Kings With A Chance to Clinch Playoff Spot.

It is one thing for something to be possible, or to have a chance, or to say "Wouldn't it be cool if?" Whenever the exact moment that the thoughts of the Memphis Grizzlies in the NBA playoffs first began to materialize in the minds of those paying attention isn't necessarily as important as the notion that those ideas were floating around at all.


But as those ideas slowly deviated from the abstract hopefulness that comes with simply being a fan, and continued to be reinforced and strengthened by the concrete results coming from the hardwood, it became clear that with the current team in place, a postseason berth was not only a possibility but to come up short would sting with the feeling of legitimate failure; a different kind of letdown than typically experienced from your run-of-the-mill somewhere-around-or-below-.500-dweller.

The stakes rose a bit, and from there the playoff probabilities and silly fake bears searching for silly fake campsites that at one time kept the postseason goal somewhat on the horizon and with a forward-thinking mindset didn't quite do it anymore. Within the last week or so, as the regular season neared its end, the focus shifted; the time for will-they-or-won't-they was over, and the need for something real -- an actual confirmation, a promise -- of a Memphis Grizzlies postseason appearance would be the only update worth cheering about from here on out.

And now tonight, with the Sacramento Kings in town, the Grizzlies can put the official playoff stamp on their season. Thanks to a New Orleans victory over Houston Wednesday night, a win over the Kings means Memphis is in, officially.

That's all that matters on this Friday. That forgettable, sputtering, bizarre Clipper loss a few days ago doesn't, nor does our potential first round opponent or seed. If the Grizzlies win tonight, they earn a playoff berth. It's a position in itself worth taking the time to appreciate and reflect on what it took to get to this cusp. So embrace that for tonight, because whatever's on the horizon come tomorrow will certainly give us plenty to think about.

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