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Grizzly Links: Greg Monroe Is/Isn't Shocked By the Grizzlies Playoff Success; Overpriced Mugs!

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Again, we're a bit light on the Memphis Grizzlies news now that we've been bounced from the playoffs, but I'll submit that we're still better off having a silent May. Meaning, we care not for your NBA Draft mock! Of course I kid, since even as we don't have a first round draft pick we NBA diehards do care about what happens at the bottom of the standings since, over time, those moves ultimately creep up on you. 

This morning We have a few Grizzlies nuggets. One which is really an overt attempt at cashing in on our playoff run, while the other is a bit of disbelief that, despite the fact that we took the Thunder to 7 games, one future NBA star remains shocked that we knocked off the San Antonio Spurs in the first place. 

Pistons' Monroe on Spurs losing to Grizzlies - San Antonio Metro, TX Local News

Shockingly, Greg Monroe was, yet wasn't shocked by the Grizzlies playoff success. 

Memphis Grizzlies Drinkware, Glasses, Cups, Mugs at

Enjoy a $28 Memphis Grizzlies "Macho Mug"! Or, save your pennies for some forthcoming SOV mugs(?)!  

Does Tony Parker Think Spurs' Window Has Closed? -

Please, don't let this be on our behalf!: Parker says that the Spurs' championship goals are dead and that age has finally caught up with the Spurs.

Haslem returns with big game as Heat even series with awesome defensive effort - Peninsula is Mightier

Set to the tune of "Welcome Back Kotter": Udonis Haslem played 23 minutes, scoring 13 points and grabbing 5 rebounds.  He was 3-of-3 from the charity stripe and played some amazing D.  

Kareem Abdul-Jabbar Holding Twitter Hostage Until Lakers Build Him A Statue - From Our Editors -

Sigh: "Bill Russell is getting his statue after 40 years. Laker immortal Jerry West waited 37 years for his statue. My wait has only been 22 yrs.  Rumor has it that I will be getting a statue. A caveat for all my fans-don't hold your breath. Lakers don't care about me."

Kindly Shut The Hell Up, Kareem - Silver Screen and Roll

Yes!: Kareem Abdul-Jabbar thinks there should be a statue of him outside Staples Center and is determined to whine about it publicly.

VIDEO: Luol Deng Drills Buzzer-Beater From Mile Away In LeBron James' Wake -

Boom goes the dynamite! 

Lawrence Frank Interviewing With Golden State Warriors - CelticsBlog

Consider this a Tom Thibodeau bump. Boston assistants are sexy!: We knew that Lawrence Frank was interviewing for the Houston position, but now it sounds like he's also looking at the Warriors job.

Nets May Lose Popeye Jones to Alma Mater Coaching Job, Says Report - NetsDaily

Popeye Jones played for 7 NBA teams in 10 years. Would you believe he was never a Grizzly?