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Grizzlies Thump Kings, Play TWolves Tonight

Grizzlies 113, Kings 96

I'm busy as hell today so here's your 8-word summary: the Grizzlies scored 72 points in the paint.

As Stop-n-Pop over at Canis Hoopus often says, basketball is not complicated. When your team scores more than 50 points in the paint, they almost always win. Marc absolutely destroyed Sacramento inside and the wings, especially Rudy, got to the rim at will. Speaking of Rudy, he had his best game of the season. Go check out his line--23 points on 10-16 shooting, 8 rebounds, 2 assists, a steal and a block, and 2 TO's in 35 minutes. That's the Rudy that we know and love. Also, he had, by my count, at least 5 highlight-reel plays, including this. Can you dig it?

Unfortunately, not all is well in Memphis. Tom broke the news to SOV earlier that Zach Randolph is out 8-10 weeks with a knee injury that he received during a collison with O.J. during Sunday's game against the Bulls. The Grizzlies got by just fine without him last night, but you never want to play for an extended period of time without Zach. However, as Tom as mentioned, we traded Xavier Henry and a 2nd-round pick for Marreese Speights (it's going to take me awhile before I can spell that without looking it up). Also, the Grizzlies have another game tonight against the Timberwolves. After the jump, we'll be looking at that match-up.

Memphis Grizzlies (2-3) at Minnesota Timberwolves (2-3)

8:00 P.M. ET

Both teams are coming into this game with a headful cupful(?) of steam after notching solid wins. The Grizzlies thumped the Kings, while the T-Wolves upset the Spurs, and each team will be looking to get to .500. The Grizzlies will be without the services of Zach Randolph, but if last night's game was any indication, that shouldn't be a problem. Also, Minnesota will be without the services of a competent shooting guard or center, because that's how David Kahn rolls. Here's your keys for the game:

1. Rebounds: Kevin Love is the best rebounder in the NBA. Zach Randolph is one of the best, but he's out with injury. Memphis will probably be alright, with guys like Marc Gasol and Rudy Gay picking up the slack, but if we get killed on the boards, it could get ugly.

2. Rudy: It's no longer an option, Rudy Gay has to play well tonight. Last night, he played like an All-Star, and we destroyed the Kings. Really, basketball's not difficult. The Wolves are terrible on the wings, and have no one capable of either guarding Rudy or matching him. He has to go into attack mode from the tip-off.

3. Reserves: The Wolves actually have some good players coming off the bench in Ricky Rubio, JJ Barea, and Derrick Williams. That being said, the Grizzlies' reserves are much better and should be able to outmatch their counterparts. Our starters are definitely better, and if our bench is too then that's ballgame. By the way, I'm both kidding and serious when I ask is it possible for Speights to play tonight? I keep thinking back to that scene in Moneyball when he trades for Rincon before the game and has him switch lockerrooms. No? Eh, it was worth a shot.

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