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Marreese Speights May Not Make His Grizzlies Debut Tonight Against the Jazz [Update]

It appears that we may have to wait another night to see Marreese Speights make his Grizzles debut. No, not because he isn't ready to play, but because the Hornets are currently holding up the deal as they scope our Xavier Henry's knee. I mean, Henry was hurt when you traded for him, so... what's the hold up? Eh, it makes sense.

The Grizzlies aren't allowed to suit up Speights until the Hornets have officially OK'd the deal, which as of this writing, they've yet to do. There is a chance the Hornets could OK the deal in time for him to play tonight, which would be great, seeing as the Jazz are pretty big up front, but we probably won't know until closer to game time.

We'll continue to update as we get closer to game time, but until then, it looks like we're going to have to lean on Dante Cunningham to battle down low against Al Jefferson, Paul Millsap and Derrick Favors. Yikes. Good luck.

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(Update: Speights will in fact play tonight! Huzzah?)