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Sekou Smith: Don't sleep on the Grizzlies's Sekou Smith warns those who are sleeping on the Memphis Grizzlies as title contenders out West.

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I feel like the Memphis Grizzlies and the Los Angeles Clippers are probably connected this season, in a sense that they are both title-contending teams, but when most people actually sit down and talk about the top-tier teams in the Western Conference, the conversation usually doesn't go much deeper than the Lakers, Thunder and Spurs.

Well, we're not sleeping on the Grizzlies -- or the Clippers, for that matter -- and neither is's Sekou Smith, who wrote today that the Grizzlies are among the top teams in the West.

And that's the truth.

He writes:

Yet when the contenders are talked about now, the Grizzlies are conveniently left out of that conversation. Folks need to be careful glancing past the Grizzlies, especially with Zach Randolph apparently back to form after dealing with a serious knee injury all last season.

He also goes on to mention that the Randolph and Marc Gasol are on the same level as Dwight Howard and Pau Gasol. (Annnnd, the comment section is about to explode!).

I don't think Smith is going get much push-back from Grizzlies fans on either of those points. We here at SoV happen to agree that the Grizzlies are dangerous, scary, etc., and so on. We've been saying it for some time now.

Smith concludes that with the current starting five, the Grizzlies are a lock to make the playoffs, but with a rejuvenated and healthy Randolph in tow, they are much, much more.

And that's the truth.