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Grizzlies waive Kyle Weaver and Michael Dunigan

The Memphis Grizzlies have officially waived Kyle Weaver and Michael Dunigan, taking their current roster down to 16 players.


It's getting to be that time where the Grizzlies are going to have to start waiving players with non-guaranteed, and today they cut the roster down to 16 players by waiving both Kyle Weaver and Michael Dunigan.

Neither really played much in the preseason, with Dunigan clocking in at just 6.7 minutes per game and Weaver only logging 5.7 per.

Now, the roster stands at 16, with Ronald Dupree, Ronald Murray and Jerome Jordan as the three players with non-guaranteed contracts. Right now, there's a case to be made for Jordan, who is a long, athletic big man -- especially with Darrell Arthur injured. But, then again, any wing and guard help would be great for a team who struggles to score outside of 16 feet from the basket.

via Memphis Grizzlies