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Grizzlies top Magic, 115-100, behind Rudy Gay's 20-point performance

The Memphis Grizzlies won their 4th game of the preseason, topping the Orlando Magic, 115-110, at home.


There's nothing quite like writing almost 1000 words on why Rudy Gay shouldn't consider himself a 3-point shooter, making sound observations about him taking too many contested jumpers, only to see him turn around and shoot 4-for-4 from the 3-point line just one night later. Awesome.

In fact, the Grizzlies as a team made 10-of-16 3-pointers, none of which came from Josh Selby (0-2) who is arguably their best shooter. Wait, what?

Jerryd Bayless hit one, Wayne Ellington finally found his stroke, hitting both of his attempts, and Mike Conley continued to show great range going 2-of-2. It was the kind of performance we've longed for. Too bad it happened in the preseason and this will only lead to Gay taking more threes, which I still think is the wrong decision.

It was a nice performance for the Grizzlies. Marc Gasol (18 and 13 in 32 minutes) is ready for the regular season, Zach Radolph (18 points on 9-of-15 shooting) was highly efficient, Mike Conley set up the offense (9 assists), etc., and so on. The only real "problem," was that they struggled to put the Orlando Magic away -- they kept hanging around. I know it's preseason, but when you're playing great ball on offense and you slouch on defense, that's a bit of a concern. I suppose we can't have both, eh, fellas?

I'm not going to complain, though. We got out of the game with a win, with a healthy Tony Allen (tweaked ankle) and with a chance to see the Tony Wroten-Josh Selby backcourt combo -- which may always be an instant smile moment.

The Grizzlies next take on the Toronto Raptors at home on Friday in their final preseason game.

Magic vs Grizzlies boxscore

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