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Grizzlies waive D.J. Kennedy... Again

The Memphis Grizzlies have waived D.J. Kennedy and Jarrid Famous.

David Richard-US PRESSWIRE - Presswire

You have to feel bad for D.J. Kennedy at this point, seeing as he's now been waived by the Grizzlies twice over the past few weeks.

First, he was waived prior to the start of camp, to essentially clear the non-guaranteed contract he was under after the Grizzlies acquired him in the Jeremy Pargo trade. That made sense. Then, he was brought back and invited to attend camp on a second non-guaranteed contract, to which we all knew he was going to most likely get waived again, but... I don't think anyone had him pegged to get waived just shortly after the first preseason game. You know, one in which he played zero minutes.

Again, this is a business, I get it, and no one really expected Kennedy to make the team, but I hate to have to write up quick ones like this, especially when I've grown fond of Kennedy in his short time with the Grizzlies. I truly wish him the best and hope that he ends up someone, playing basketball for a living.

Also waived was big man Jarrid Famous, who did not see any time on the court Saturday in the Grizzlies game against Real Madrid.