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Grizzlies at Bobcats, Live Thread: Please no letdown, please no letdown...

The Grizzlies take on the Charlotte Bobcats, on the road, after beating the New York Knicks on Friday nights.


Here it is. After wins against the Heat, Thunder and Knicks over the last week, the Grizzlies are in Charlotte to take on the Bobcats. (Don't say letdown, don't say letdown...).

Anyone else feel like they didn't get something done today that they were supposed to get done because they were living on "cloud Grizzlies"? Well, we know how that one goes. Sorry about the lack of a preview for tonight's game. Whoops!

Anyway, let's get at it. We're, as of now, the top team in the NBA. So, let's show our support to our team, even if the game doesn't excite you in the same way that a home game against the Knicks does.

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