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Report: Tony Wroten has been assigned to the D-League

According to Ron Tillery, Tony Wroten will be sent to the NBA Developmental League.


It seemed like a matter of time, since rookie Tony Wroten wasn't getting any playing time to begin with, but now according to Ron Tillery the Grizzlies have decided to send him to Reno, the team's D-League affiliate.

Griz rookie Tony Wroten missed a second straight game after a death in the family. Wroten is in Seattle and may not return for a while because the plan is to send him to Reno to join the Grizzlies' NBA Development League affiliate.

He'll be up again, sometime soon I imagine, but for now it's best to get him reps in the D-League instead of having his talents be wasted on the sidelines when he's not even going to see any burn.