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Graceland burned by disgraceful refereeing

On Friday, the Spurs lost $250,000.....on Saturday, San Antonio was given a game.

Ronald Martinez

There truly is no karma in the NBA.

The San Antonio Spurs, after giving their stars the night off Thursday to rest up, were gifted their game versus the Memphis Grizzlies Saturday night.

Memphis led by as many as 15 in the second half, only to run out of Gas-ol to the well "rested" Spurs.

Rarely do referees blow a big call in overtime, even more rarely do they blow two. Saturday’s crew in south Texas blew two calls on the same play.

With the Spurs up two with under 20 seconds left, Gary Neal shot a three-pointer in the corner. He released it almost a full second after the shot clock buzzer went off……No whistle.

Then, in all the chaos, Memphis got the board and threw it down to Rudy Gay (who appeared to be all alone). The ball was slightly overthrown, going off Gay’s fingertips. But wait…..replays showed clearly that Manu Ginobili grabbed Rudy’s arm, explaining why he showed ‘Kevin Willis arms’ on the play.

Could either play have been reviewed? Not by NBA rules. Could the refs forfeit their paychecks? They should. The boxscore may say San Antonio beat Memphis 99-95…..but the Grizzlies won all my respect.

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