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GameThread: Grizzlies vs. Bucks

Tonight, the 16-6 Grizzlies take on the 13-10 Milwaukee Bucks at the Grindhouse.

Beno Udrih is curious.
Beno Udrih is curious.
Benny Sieu-USA TODAY Sports

So the Grizzlies, who are in the Western Conference even though Memphis is east of the Mississippi River, are playing the Bucks, who used to be in the Western Conference even though Milwaukee is also east of the Mississippi.

This game starts late — 8:30 local time — because it's on ESPN. Which is a good thing, but I wonder whether the crowd at a late Wednesday night game against the Bucks will look good on national TV. Here's hoping.

I haven't watched the Bucks very much this year at all, but the Bucks have Monta Ellis. It seemed like Ellis's name was floating around in Grizzlies trade rumors for the last three years or so, until finally the Warriors traded him to Milwaukee. Since then, it doesn't seem like Ellis has been on the Grizzlies' trade radar (tradar?) as consistently. But he heats up, and he scores lots of points when he does, and so the onus is on Tony Allen to turn his water off tonight in the way that only Tony Allen, the one true harbinger of basketball chaos, can do.

Seriously, though, not to go all Dungeons & Dragons on you, but has there ever been a more chaotic neutral player on the Grizzlies' roster than Tony Allen?

This is a good game for the Grizzlies to get back on track, offensively. The Bulls game was a mess, and the team whose offense broke down the least ended up winning. Fortunately, that was the Grizzlies, but it didn't seem like a sure thing. Milwaukee is a decent team, but the Grizzlies have beaten lots of decent teams this year, and they need to get the offense back into some sort of rhythm before the Dallas Mavericks (and our good friend O.J. Mayo) roll into town on Friday night for a divisional matchup.

Grizzlies. Bucks. Tonight's the night. Let's do this!

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