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Rockets 121, Grizzlies 96: Straight Outta That Game Was Terrible.

The Grizzlies got run out of the gym tonight in Houston, falling 121-96. Memphis gave up 100 points tonight for the first time since the season opener against the Clippers.

Sometimes you get the beard, sometimes the beard gets you.
Sometimes you get the beard, sometimes the beard gets you.
Scott Halleran

The Grizzlies got run out of the gym tonight. The Rockets currently lead the league in pace, according to Basketball Reference, and they proved it emphatically tonight with their fast-break scoring against the worn out Grizzlies.

The box score is pretty ugly. The Rockets outscored the Grizzlies in every quarter.

The Griz just never really had it tonight. Marc Gasol had 11 points, 5 rebounds, and 3 assists. Rudy Gay scored only 6 points on 6 shots in 28 minutes, and neither Gay nor Zach Randolph got to the free throw line a single time.

Think about that. In a combined 54 minutes of play time, Rudy Gay and Zach Randolph didn’t attempt a single free throw — and no one was complaining about the officiating. The Grizzlies were just tired tonight. They never had it. James Harden and the rest of the Rockets came out and stomped on ’em.

Let’s look back at the questions I asked in the GameThread:

Can Tony Allen shut down James Harden less than 24 hours after keeping O.J. Mayo on ice for 35 minutes?


Will Marc Gasol and Zach Randolph struggle to score against the defensive prowess of Omer Asik?

Yes. Mightily.

How may times will Jeremy Lin get his pocket picked by new Grizzlies all-time assist leader Mike Conley?

Conley ended up with 3 steals.

Did you know they were originally the San Diego Rockets?

Isn’t that weird?

Here’s the haiku. We’ll have more in-depth analysis of these two divisional matchups after I recover from this turd of a game coming soon.

The beard scored a lot,
The Griz looked like they were tired.
Rudy makes me sad.