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Game Recap: Hawks out-grind Grizzlies, 93-83

The Hawks beat the Grizzlies at their own game in the 3rd quarter Saturday night.

Kevin C. Cox

Well, that didn't go as planned.....

The Memphis Grizzlies took a page out of the Suns' playbook from Thursday night, getting completely outplayed in the 3rd quarter.

Memphis gave up a 12-0 run and countless hustle plays following halftime, a rarity at Tha Grindhouse these days. But I guess this team was bound to struggle, eventually, after weeks of impressive basketball.

I had billed this game as a battle of two similar teams. Well, the big men pretty much played each other to a standstill Saturday night, leaving it up to perimeter player to be the difference. It was supposed to be Rudy Gay, but he chased his season-high 28 pts Friday night with a frustrating 17 pts on 7-25 shooting vs Atlanta.....ouch.

On the other side, Lou Williams was clearly a difference-maker with 21 off of the bench for the Hawks.

The worst part abouit this loss? The Grizzlies have to wait until Wednesday to get back on the court. They'll be visiting a hungry Phoenix team looking for revenge. Hopefully they bring their grind to the Valley of the Suns.

Final - 12.8.2012 1 2 3 4 Total
Atlanta Hawks 21 20 32 20 93
Memphis Grizzlies 22 25 13 23 83

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