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The Grizzlies Would Like a Look at Gilbert Arenas, Sources Say

According to the Memphis Commercial Appeal (via, the Memphis Grizzlies are pondering the idea of adding amnestied free agent guard / Hibachi master Gilbert Arenas, pending, to begin with, a private workout that is supposedly in the process of being set up between the two sides.

The Memphis bench and reserves -- Marreese Speights, Dante Cunningham, O.J. Mayo, Quincy Pondexter, for the most part -- have played a major role in the Grizzlies' ascent to its current standing of fourth in the Western Conference. But make no mistake, the line behind Mike Conley in terms of starting or quality point guards is rather thin. Mayo's natural role is on the wing and Josh Selby and Jeremy Pargo have essentially been non-factors of late. Unsurprisingly, according to, nine of the Grizzlies' top ten five-man units this season have come with Conley running point. Although this is probably the way it should be, since Memphis relies so heavily on continuity and togetherness on the floor, a strong option off the bench to spell Conley wouldn't be the worst idea. But is Arenas that guy?

The answer is probably impossible to answer fully without knowing what exactly Arenas looks like now and if interest from both sides is truly that strong, but back when Agent Zero was destroying the league and shrugging it off with a smirk, he needed the ball, a lot. Arenas was effective in controlling the ball, the possession, and creating an opportunity for himself or someone else. With the likes of Marc Gasol, Rudy Gay and Zach Randolph (when he returns), the starting unit thrives with someone like Conley distributing and keeping everything flowing with ample shots to go around for all; it's important to continue remembering that the Grizzlies will have enough of an adjustment when Z-Bo returns to the lineup.

But the second unit? There do seem to be situations in Memphis where a talent like Arenas could create quite the impact when the starters need a break. The biggest question, then, becomes would Arenas have enough time on the floor -- both game-to-game and overall -- already so late into the season and on a brand new team, to get comfortable enough to be anything but rusty?

For the Grizzlies' sake -- if this story turns out to have some legs -- and for Arenas', who in his heyday blended scoring and style into a one-of-a-kind work of art that was all him and only him, it'd be great to see this experiment tested; so long as the risk to the Grizzlies as a whole is negligible. Whether the circumstances of the situation, from all angles, could turn this into a success, or into anything more than a rumor, remains entirely up in the air for now.