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NBA Trade Deadline Thread: "If You Were Running The Memphis Grizzlies" Edition

With the NBA trade deadline just hours away, and the only real news to report is that we may or may not be in the hunt for Gilbert Arenas, I wanted to open up the floor and get your take(s) on what the Grizzlies should do as the deadline nears. I know that some of you are in favor of the Arenas move, but wanted to feel it out to get an idea of who else we should consider.

Think of this as a "if money/assets weren't an issue" exercise. Sure, in reality they are, and that's why we're likely to stand pat at the deadline, but let's have a little fun with this. And I'm not advocating deals such as, "get rid of Sam Young for Russell Westbrook and Kevin Durant." I'm thinking more along the lines of, "hey, what we could use is a scorer like Kevin Martin who can help us spread the floor," etc. and so on and so forth! Is it possible?

It's an open forum, do with that what you will! And keep checking back throughout the day. We'll post not only on our deals but ones that are made that may have an effect on the Grizzlies.