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O.J. Mayo Will Forever Be On The Trading Block

No matter what's said, we learned today that O.J. Mayo will now and forever be on the trading block. There's just no denying it. The dude is really our best trade-able asset. He's young, not locked down (contract-wise), has plenty of upside with that "change of scenery will do him good" new-car smell to him... That's just the way it is. If there's a "big" trade involving the Grizzlies, there's no escaping the fact that Mayo is and will somehow be involved.

Simple. As. That.

Now, what will we get for him? Jamal Crawford? Michael Beasley? Ray Allen? Who knows. At the very least we need a shooter. And a backup point guard. So, one, if not both of those things would be great.

[via CA]