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NBA Trade Deadline: Lakers Get Ramon Sessions, Spurs Looking to Acquire Stephen Jackson

I figured I'd just get your thoughts on what our "competition" is doing on this fine deadline day.

The news just recently broke that the Los Angeles Lakers traded for Ramon Sessions, giving up a conditional draft pick in return. You have to love this deal for the Lakers, who sit ahead of us in the playoff positioning, since, as we all know, they were in desperate need for a point guard and, well, Sessions is a suitable one, if not the best one on their roster right now. Nice move by the Lakers.

For more on the Lakers trade, see: Silver Screen and Roll

Heading over to the Spurs, ESPN is reporting that they are looking into a deal that would net them Stephen Jackson in exchange for Richard Jefferson. Not sure how I feel about this move. While I think Jackson has more to offer, you have to wonder about head/attitude, which if isn't corrected could result in a net-loss for them. Then again, if there's one team I would trust to turn Jackson around it would have to be the Spurs. Tim Duncan is not going to take any BS from S-Jax and, besides, I think Jackson would be happy to be playing on a title contending team -- in San Antonio where he won a ring, nonetheless. We'll continue to follow this one closely.