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NBA Trade Deadline: Hasheem Thabeet Traded to the Blazers

Ah, what a day, what a day! It appears as if our old friend Hasheem Thabeet is once again on the move, this time being traded from the Houston Rockets to the Portland Trail Blazers.

Details via Woj:

The Rockets will send Jonny Flynn and Hasheem Thabeet to the Blazers, source tells Y! Sports.

That's about all we've gotten at this point, but it does seem pretty surreal to think that Thabeet, once a cornerstone of our franchise, is yet again on the move. Did I say "surreal"? I think I meant to say "sad!"

[Note: I suppose it's worth mentioning that this is the deal involving Marcus Camby going to the Rockets. How could I forget that detail? via]