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NBA Trade Deadline: Clippers Get Nick Young, Wizards Get Nene and Nuggets Get JaVale McGee

Not so fast...

Just when we thought the trade deadline had come and gone, it now appears as if there's yet another move in the works. According to Marc Spears of Yahoo! Sports:

LAc acquire guard Nick Young from the Washington Wizards for forward Brian Cook and a pick, source tells Y! Sports.

Sure, as if we didn't have enough to worry about, now the Clippers get a guy who can light it up and score 20 points on a given night. Fantastic. As it stands, we're tied with the Clippers for fourth place in the West. So, this certainly can't be helpful in our cause to leap-frog them. You have to really like this move, seeing as the Clippers are no longer in the market for stockpiling picks. I imagine that any first-rounder they move, going forward, will be somewhere later on in the draft.

So, nice move by the Clippers.

But, then there's this from Adrian Wojnarowski:

As part of three-team deal, Nene goes to the Wizards, JaVale McGee to Denver and Nick Young to Clippers, sources tell Y! Sports.

Anyone else feel like they need a nap after all of this? Geez.

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