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Rockets To Buy Out Derek Fisher's Contract; Should the Grizzlies Pursue Him?

Here's the littlest big story of the day. According to reports, the Houston Rockets are expected to buyout the newly-acquired Derek Fisher, making him a free agent. Now, this is where the Memphis Grizzlies come in -- maybe.

We have long been searching for a backup, veteran point guard -- preferably one who can shoot and who has playoff experience. Well... Derek Fisher is now available. Might he be a better signing for the Grizzlies than Gilbert Arenas? At least we know that Fisher is in "game shape." We know he's healthy, relatively. We know he has playoff, no, championship experience - and plenty of it. And we know he's a great clubhouse guy. Sure, his upside isn't as great as Arenas' is, but he does come with fewer questions and concerns. His deficient play on defense can be offset by the set of excellent help defenders we can surround him with, so there's little concern about mismatches against the likes of Russell Westbrook and Chris Paul.

I think it makes some sense, though you have to imagine that his preferred destination would be a return to the Lakers - possibly signing with the Spurs or Thunder. But what do you guys think? Would you rather Fisher over Arenas?