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Grizzlies Defeat Wizards 97-92

Memphis got the win tonight, which, by all rights, they should have, but I can't help feeling a bit disappointed. I try not to be too disparging, but this Washington team is just horrendous. Obviously, their record speaks for itself, but their bad is a different kind of bad than a team like the Raptors. Although Toronto lacks talent and consistency, they look and play like professional basketball players. Unfortunately, the Wizards do not. Look, I love John Wall. I admire the ferocity of Trevor Booker and Chris Singleton. I even believe in Jan Vesely, but for whatever reason (coaching, management, lack of positive veteran leadership), on most nights this team does yet play like a professional basketball team. Therefore, Memphis should have come out, immediately beat down their opponents, and never let up, especially after losing to Toronto on Friday night. After all, not many teams are lucky enough to have the luxury of bringing a player Zach Randolph off the bench. Instead, the Grizzlies were content to let the Wizards hang around.

Games like this make me nervous about how we'll fare in the playoffs. Memphis has been great this season at grinding out games, but tonight their opponent was inferior enough that they didn't need to grind anything out. Keep in mind that Washington just traded their starting center for Nene, who didn't even play tonight. You hate to question a team that has overachieved so much this season, but isn't it at least a bit troubling that we haven't been able to really crush the weaker teams of the league. Other than the March 3rd game against Detroit, we just haven't seen a truly dominant performance from Memphis. Currently, we have 2.0 point differential, just behind the Clippers and Dallas (both 2.1). OKC (5.9), San Antonio (4.0), Philadelphia (6.3), Miami (8.2), and Chicago (8.6) have a significant lead on everyone else. The reason why I bring this up is that historically point differential is one of the best indicators of postseason success. Last year's squad had a point differential of 2.3, hopefully we can get closer to that. Regardless of my concerns, we got the win, so there's that.