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Gilbert Arenas Will Work Out For The Grizzlies Today

So, as we've mentioned many times here on SoV, the Grizzlies are quite interested in giving former All-Star Gilbert Arenas a look. With our need being twofold -- a shooter and a veteran backup point guard -- this seems like the perfect course of action. Of course there's a general consensus around here that Derek Fisher would be a more ideal signing, but I'm not sure the Grizzlies want to wait out the Fisher buyout/decision process. They'd probably much rather have Arenas locked and loaded (many puns intended), and get this team complete sooner rather than later.

With that said, today is work out day for Arenas, as the team will meet with him to see if they're ready to move forward with or without him. Again, I think the match is quite intriguing. So too does Lionel Hollins.

Per the Washington Post:

"I think Gilbert would be a good fit from the perspective that he can play both guard positions," Hollins said. "He’s been a very talented offensive player his entire career. He’s a guy that played the passing lanes and got steals..I just thought that if that was a possibility to add another talented guy who could play backup point guard and backup 2 as well, why not take a look?"

No further explanation necessary. We know why you're looking at Arenas and, well, it makes sense. Again, Fisher would seem like a more ideal fit, but the market for Fish is much more competitive (Spurs, Thunder, etc.). With Arenas it's certainly a hit-or-miss type situation, and seeing as we have the horses to try and make a run at the title this year, any short-term commitment won't necessarily be all that bad.

I'm sure we'll hear more as the work out unfolds. Stay tuned!