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Derek Fisher Bought Out; Heat and Bulls Remain As Front-Runners, But What About the Grizzlies?

So, with Derek Fisher having been officially bought out of his contract from the Houston Rockets, we can now officially begin to speculate where he might sign. While he'd be a fantastic fit for our Grizzlies, it appears as if the Chicago Bulls and Miami Heat are the current front-runners for his services, at least according to Marc Stein of ESPN.

Word is Clippers, by contrast, are unlikely to pursue Fisher, who is said to have strong interest in landing with either Chicago or Miami

Well, that doesn't mean we're out of the running, but it makes some sense at least for him to want to play with the Heat. The Bulls too, I suppose, but if he actually wants to log minutes for a title contender you have to think that Miami is a better situation. Sure, the ultimate goal is to win a championship, which is all fine and well, but you have to think that playing time also will be a deciding factor. Which is why, Mr. Fisher, I would like to present to you: the Memphis Grizzlies!

I'll admit, we probably don't have the same path the the title as the Heat or the Bulls might have, but with a backup veteran point guard (you!) and a shooter (also you-ish!), we certainly would be a much stronger contender. There's you're two-sentence pitch, Mr. Fisher. We urge you to consider. But you'll have to move quickly, because the idea of Gilbert Arenas coming to the Grizzlies begins to intrigue us more and more. We've done our part, as Grizzlies fans. Which means it's your move, Fish.