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Sacramento Kings Buy Out J.J. Hickson; Here is Your "Should The Grizzlies Sign Hickson" Thread

I know this one is probably a bit ridiculous, since we're really "only" in the market for a shooter and a backup point guard, two things that are nowhere near the J.J. Hickson scouting report, but it wouldn't be a fun Monday afternoon if we couldn't at least open up the floor to the discussion.


JJ Hickson has completed a buyout with the Kings, league source tells Y!

Hickson's numbers this season:


As you can see, he's been, well, awful this season. To think he wasn't capable of cracking the Kings rotation, even when they had a few injuries in their frontcourt... do we really even want to entertain the thought? Well..

Do we need Hickson? Of course not. But, that said, you can never really have enough size, right? Eh, who am I kidding. We should probably just stick to longing for Derek Fisher and settling for Gilbert Arenas. Two players who actually fill needs.

I think Akis Yerocostas put it best when he said:

J.J. Hickson is not a good NBA player. That is all.

So, there's that!

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